National Language Support and CCSID's


National Language Support and CCSID\'s

We are investigating installing a couple of additional languages in addition
to the US English default and JDE is instructing us to change the system
values for QCCSID from 65535 to 500 and the QCHRID code page value from 37 to
500. The question for the List is, we have several other software products
running on the 400 and we are concerned about the impact of changing these
two system values might have. Some of the other software products are:
Future3, TLAshford (Bar code printing) MPLUS (system monitor) to name a few.

The operating environment we have is:

OS/400 v4r3
JDE 7.3 cum 10/X3

Mike Thompson: Leader Application Development
Actuator Sensor/Mirror Controls Division
Rochester Hills, Michigan
RE: National Language Support and CCSID\'s

You are right to be concerned. I did tech support for JDE's original
language translations in Paris in the early 90's. We were running five
languages (U.S. English, French, German, Italian and Spanish) on each of two
versions of World, simultaneously, on a B45. Pushing it, you might say,

Essentially they're telling you to change from the U.S. National character
set to the Multinational one. You need to do this so that characters typed
in on, say, a French-keyboard terminal appear correctly on a U.S.-keyboard
terminal, and vice versa.

However, this change also affects the actual bit configuration of how data
is stored on your system. If you have external data feeds (either
direction) it may affect how the data is perceived on the other end. For
example, we (multinational character set AS/400) were networked out of Paris
to an AS/400 in Denver (U.S. National character set)...PPAT emails sent from
Denver that used an exclamation point were viewed in Paris as a "right
bracket", if I remember correctly....this is just one example. I actually
wrote a number of programs to do code page translation for the JDE
softcoding files so that, for example, you could run a "multinational"
version of the software on an AS/400 set up for "French national" code page.

You may also have issues with attached PCs...and their uploads/downloads,
etc. I'm not familiar with the software products you mentioned, but I'd
expect similar issues.

Isn't this globalization stuff fun?

Mike McIntire

Re: RE: National Language Support and CCSID\'s

hello list
i want to install additional languages other than default US english.plz give some information about the things that i need to do.