National flags beside names on the Who's Online


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National flags beside names on the Who\'s Online

It was a really great and very friendly enhancement to translate the user interface of the Forum to so many languages.
It made the Forum more colourful, internatinal and friendlier.

Unfortunately I prefer to use the English version of softwares instead of our Hungarian language versions (it comes for me from a practical consideration).

I do the same on the Forum, I use the English language user interface instead of the Hungarian one. The result of it is that I see always a US flag beside my name on the Who's Online panel.

Please, do not missunderstand me, I haven't any problem with US flag but I am a Hungarian guy, a Hungarian citizen and living in Hungary.
I like my nationality, my language and my country (as supposly all of us do their own), so I would like very much to see a Hungarian flag beside my name instead of the US flag.

Eric, is it possible to put a new field (not required to fill field) onto the User Profile for nationality and use this information when the flag appears (assuming that it is filled). If this field isn't filled then use the selected language for the flag type as do it currently.

Maybe this is my personal problem only, but consider that many of the listers' native language is the English and they do not live in North America but in one part of Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, etc.

On the other hand, I suppose that many of us whose nationality is not US use the English userinterface also instead of using their own and could have the same problem.

I know, it isn't a major problem but I will be very thankfull for a solution. /w3timages/icons/smile.gif

Best regards,
from <font color=red>Hu</font color=red><font color=white>nga</font color=white><font color=448800>ry</font color=448800>

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Re: National flags beside names on the Who\'s Online

We will probably remove the flags from the Who's On-line screen instead.

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Re: National flags beside names on the Who\'s Online

And of course, why is there an American flag next to the english language in the first place? I suspect you just couldn't find an English flag, right ;-)

But seriously I'm not sure it matters, I speak English come from Scotland and live most of the time in Hong Kong so I might need 3 flags?!

your flag-wavingly

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