E9.1 multiple selection but only one row printed


I have a custom Find/borwse Form in which i am calling a report to print the data selected from the grid, the problem is that when i select multiple rows it only prints one .
i am inserting the selected data into a specific table "F56BFACT", that is used in the report.
in the report i am displaying the selected data from the grid, and i'm also updating the status in table F56BO and inserting them in table F56HFACT

you can find the code of the form and the report in the attached files

i'm working on E9.1 Version
Thanks in advance


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Hi xxyxxb,

When you are in the ER, did you go to Options and select Repeat for Grid? You could avoid the While loop, just have the Insert in the Button Clicked and put the call to the UBE in the Post Button is Clicked event (but only if count is greater than 1). Oh, and why is the While statement comparing the counter to inc_rows and not to the total_rows? Actually, the closer I look at your code, the less I understand. Not sure what purpose "Code Systeme" has for this, as usually this value links the data to the UBE.

Ben Again,


Hi again ,
yes i did select the "repeat for grid" option in the ER button clicked instead of the while loop, but it didn't work as well
thanks for your response @BBritain .