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Does anyone work in an AS400 environment with two platforms? One platform
for development and one for production? If so, how do you get around the
problem of developing DreamWriters and World Writers on one platform and
getting it over to the production platform since all of the DW and WW data
is kept in multpile files in the common and data libraries????

Thanks in Advance,

Lori Orser
World 8.1

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I have used 2 methods, both equally successful.

1) Duplicate the DW and WW files (F983*, F82*) in your development library, and that library would precede the common library in the developers' library lists for all development work/testing. Then use the Copy DW versions to copy from development to your production environment when the programs have been moved to production. We use Aldon CMS software to control all this, but it can also be done manually, especially if your development staff is small. (Aldon works on the same CPU or across 2 CPUs.)

2) When you need to make a significant change (i.e., adding or changing processing options), if you do not choose to use the option above, you can rename the program(s) in development by appending the developer's first/last initials or a predetermined value ("XX") to the end of the development source and objects, and use the Copy DW versions option on menu G81 to copy from the production program to the development program. Once testing is completed, then it's a little more cumbersome to rename everything back, but with a dedicated IT staff, it becomes quite routine.

If your question regards how to copy/move between two non-connected AS/400s, that is a different matter. Please clarify if I have misunderstood.


Sally White
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Here at the TOOL we use Turnover by Softlanding. It allows us to promote objects, including Dreamwriters and Worldwrites from one environment to another. Currently our test environment is on the same box as the production environment. However, they do have an optional product that will allow you to promote between boxes.

Scott Becker

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Lori Orser,
We are on World 7.3. Menu G9362, option 6 is how we move objects between environments. Also, menu G81, option 5 is used to copy versions between environments. By using these JDE built options, you don't have to worry about individual files.

Stan Church
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Assuming you have 2 enviro in one machine. You can check G8231 and G81. You can copy version and parameters