Multiple OneWorld Fundations


Has anyone tried this new Development from JDE that allows you to have multiple environments on different Service Pack levels. Their document that details this is called Multiple OneWorld Foundations and entails creating a whole new structure format to allow for testing of service packs in dev or Prototype environments before making the SP change to production? I was told by JDE that the user feedback has been very positive but was hoping to hear from actual users as to how the installation went and their feedback on it.

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Can you please provide the doc ID, unable to find it in the KG

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Hi there!

I could test the Multiple Foundation SP and it runs fine.
I did had some trouble setting up Security Server, but it ran.



If you type 'Multiple OneWorld Foundations' in the search field, check
Product and click Search, you will get two items. The first option has all
the documentations.
There is a trick here. Be sure that you type Foundations, not Fundations

Regards, Alexander Shevchenko

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Hey, is there some trick to this? Everytime I go into it and try to select
a document all I get is a blank screen that locks up...

thanks, Lori


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Hey all, my network team locked me out of that site... hmmm they told me i
can't go to pornographic sites.. hehe

So I'm working on trying to get them to give me access (to the jde site-not

thanks! But, you can't help me on this one... ha!

:) Lori

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I see you are on an AS/400, did you ever get the Multiple Foundations to work? If so, did you find any guides on KG for the '400? I see for Unix, and NT but nothing for a '400. (Unless I didn't search in the right spot) I'd appreciate any hints you might provide.


Jeremey Garcia
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Hi there,

We had multiple foundation on AS400 and that worked fine to try out a newer service pack before placing production on it.

Think we'll go back to multi-foundation again soon to try a newer service pack now that all seems to have calmed down now we're live with our dutch office.

Don;t know if the documenta'tion is on the knowledge garden or not, should be but if you want one i can mail you the one we got, its less than 500kb.

Richard Stam
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On the Knowledge Garden, go to

Product -> OneWorld
Support -> Help You Install

Go a little bit down the screen and you will see links to several guides.
In the Service Pack column there is a document for doing multiple foundation
on an AS/400 platform.


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We're working on multiple foundations now:
PROD As/400 on SP15
DEV/CRP AS/400 on SP 17.1
It works! The biggest issue is that once you create multiple foundations, a fat client can only have one Foundation Installed, so right now all of our users have only PROD, SP 15 on their pc's. In order to test anything - or to use OMW to update versions and UDC codes, we have loaded DEV/CRP SP17.1 onto our training PC's, my PC, the developers PC's. Then when I build update packages I have to remember which PC to build/deploy the package from, depending on which environment the package is for. It would be helpful for me to have two PC's on my desk, but the boss isn't going for it. I got the documentation for AS/400 Multiple Environments in the same document as for the client.

Jean Driscoll
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