Multiple bill to's for one ship to


Multiple bill to\'s for one ship to

Has anyone found a creative way to handle having multiple bill-tos for one
ship to address - such that when you ship an order to a ship to customer you
can split the bill to more than one bill to customer number? (without
manually entering separate sales orders). We are using configured sales
order entry and creating a work order for each sales order parent item. We
are hoping not to have to manually enter separate sales orders because we
would prefer not to have separate work orders. Any ideas?

Alida Schoenberger
Re: Multiple bill to\'s for one ship to

Alida asked the question about "having multiple bill-tos for one ship to
address". This can be handled at the item or part level of the order. You
will have a main Bill-To address at the header level. Any part or item
that needs to be billed to a different address or site can have it's own
address level (whether it be a Bill To or Ship To that is different than
the header states). When sending these electronically - they are placed in
their own N1 block, or on paper they are in their can inserted as notes
under the item.

This is just a suggestion though. We have done this for orders that had
part of the shipment sent to our facility and the half sent to an off-site

Kristian Bryant
RE: Multiple bill to\'s for one ship to

Am I understanding you correctly that you create two lines on the same sales
order? Or, are you actually able to split one line into two bill two's?

Creating two lines on the same sales order with different bill to's would,
in effect, be very similar to creating two separate orders, because two
separate lines will create two separate work orders, since we are creating
work orders directly from sales orders.

Thank you for the suggestion... please clarify a bit if you could.
RE: Multiple bill to\'s for one ship to

Are you saying that you have one part going to one place but you bill two
companies? Please give an example of an order.

Jill Fralick
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RE: Multiple bill to\'s for one ship to

Exactly. In our business an example would be:
We have a farm that receives a load of feed. There are two (or three or
four or five) owners of the flock of birds we are feeding, so therefore,
each owner must share his proportion of the cost of the feed we are shipping
to the farm. Consequently, each bird owner must receive an invoice for his
portion of the feed order we are producing and shipping.
RE: Multiple bill to\'s for one ship to

In response to the multiple bill question that I sent out earlier. Maybe
it is my misunderstanding the question. It is possible to state multiple
bill-to's on the transmission of an order (sales order, purchase order...).
It might not be a best practice for some - since you would requesting the
receiver to send a bill to two different places - referencing the same
order number. But it is possible. My question would be how are you
currently sending these out. If it is electronic - you will need to make
sure that the receiver (in this case your customer) can handle multpile
bill-to's. If they can not - then their system will not even recognize the
second bill to.

I hope this made a little more sense this time.

Kristian Bryant
RE: Multiple bill to\'s for one ship to

That sure sounds like a modification to me, Alida. We had four consultants
mulling that over during Focus with a Swiss JDE sales rep whose prospective
client needs the same thing. We all felt it was a mod, so the question
was--what's the best way to do the mod. Its not a trivial mod, either.


Andy Klee

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Re: Multiple bill to\'s for one ship to

Wow, Alida - this is exactly what the original JDE World Software allowed energy companies to do. However, it involved another set of files to record each bill-to's share of the cost - these were the F2004/F2005 Division of Interest files, used in conjunction w/ the F0911 to produce what is called Joint Interest Billing in the Oil & Gas world. The F2004 is the header file, based on a business unit, and the F2005 file specifies each bill-to's share of the cost. The billable F0911 record that recorded the cost was then divided among the owners by their respective share (as specified in the F2005) to come up with their individual cost.

I don't know if you can purchase any of the old F20* modules, JDE dropped them in the early 90s. I would agree w/ Andy Klee's reply to your post, that this is a complex issue! If you can find any old-time JDE programmers who were familiar with the O&G modules, you might be able to get something workable. I don't know how you can do what you want without some custom programming and additional files to identify the bill-to's associated w/ each farm. Good luck!

Sally White
15+ yrs JDE Financials programming
RE: Multiple bill to\'s for one ship to

Thank you for your responses. Sally's response is VERY INTERESTING! So was
this functionality replaced with something else? Or did it just go away?
Any idea what these energy companies do now about this issue?
Re: RE: Multiple bill to\'s for one ship to

Alida, I am not sure what the O&G companies do now. Many of them are likely using the old World software, possibly not very current w/ A7.3. The client I worked for, up until 3 years ago, had remained on JDE version A3 because the newer functionality with later versions was not useful to them. (This is especially true for single currency companies.) Originally, in the early 90s, when JDE dropped the O&G modules, they were supported and sold by a former competitor of theirs, whose name I cannot recall (based out of New Mexico, it was a company w/ AS/400 software targeted to the Energy industry). I am not sure what became of this company or support for JDE O&G modules. There is now a partnership between JDE and Paradigm (located in Denver), which was also exclusively an O&G software package (formerly Excalibur, formerly Gathers software), to develop something for the Energy industry that interfaces w/ OW, I believe. I know someone I can contact for more information, which I will post when I receive it.

Sally White
15+ yrs JDE Financials programming
Re: RE: Multiple bill to\'s for one ship to

Alida and all interested persons:

The JDE O&G modules for World Software can be purchased from Paradigm Technology in Denver, phone 303.292.0990 and ask for Susan Bonesio. Possibly the JDE User's group, Quest, would be a source of information as to other companies w/ similar business needs, as well as those who currently use the O&G modules.

Sally White
15+ yrs JDE Financials programming
RE: RE: Multiple bill to\'s for one ship to

Thank you so much for all of the information! I really appreciate your
effort on this issue!/Alida