MultiFoundation on Windows Enterprise Server


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I am having some difficulty with multi-foundation on an existing Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise Server with TR 8.98.4. For some reason, I keep getting this error:

5420/5216 MAIN_THREAD Tue Dec 09 07:59:14.099002 JDB_CTL.C3519
JDB1100003 - Failed to initialize environment due to obsolete JDE.INI file

5420/5216 MAIN_THREAD Tue Dec 09 07:59:14.099003 JDEKDISP.C3299
Initializing of static env. failed

I set up the MF using the support guides on the topic. Services are configured nearly identically to the 8.98.x foundation on the same server and it works fine. Oracle support has not helped so far.
Have you compared the INI files between the foundations to make sure that all the kernel definitions are present? Also verify that there is sufficient disk space on the drive where E1 is installed. Try stopping the primary E1 service (assuming it is not production) and starting the one that is causing the error.

Very odd problem.

There were duplicate values being added to the [DB System Settings] section of the JDE.ini by jdesnet.exe. As long as the dupes were left in with values appropriate to my install, services started normally. If they were removed or resequenced within [DB System Settings], services would not start normally.

Appears to have been a problem for this customer for some time as it was this way on previous TR too.
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