Multicurrency AM entries is not getting created for the custom ledgers

deva raju


We have a requirement creating new batch types and ledger types with custom applications which are replication of P0911 and R09801 along with R11411 for posting and restatement of entries. We have copied the B0900049, B0000055 and B0900023 which are part of batch creation, restatement and multicurrency AM entries for F0911. While we were able to create the new batches and with say 'RX' batch type for multicurrency the posting report R5509801 goes well but it didn't call the R5511411 report for restatement, instead the batch says error status.

Are there any other settings need to be done for AR, CR and XR ledger types we have considered every where the BSFN points to AA,CA and XA. If its a single currency then posting goes well and it creates the restatement batch type 'RE'. Attached are the ER code for R5509801 and also the R5511411 report.

Kindly help us how to get rid of the AM entries not getting created out for the batches.

JD Edwards Enterprise One
Tool Release: 9.1.3



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