Multi currency - World 7.3 cum 11


We are currently undergoing a restabilization of the software and need to
activate multi currency. We have the full suite of modules except HR,
Construction Systems, Energy & Chemical Systems , Property Management,
Contract Management. Can anyone offer any guidance, horror stories, success

Sue Gnida


We went to Multi Currency in 1998 because we needed to bring several
European units on to the JDE system.

We had a JDE financial training staff member come on site for 2 days to
guide in the set up of Multi Currency and overview other issues being
experienced. This was very helpful. Depending on your setup, you may
create more G/L details than before...

Good Luck and have a GREAT day!!

Dave Fletcher
Harlan, Inc.


When we put in JDE our consultant told us that if we ever thought we might
be going to multicurrency, to do it now and just not use it. Because it is
very painful to do it after the fact.


Thanks Dave! We plan on having a JDE consultant on board but I want to make
preparations. I came from another company that I implemented JDE G/L and A/P
but we had multi currency from the get go!
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Good Luck. My advise is to have a JDE support when you turn the switch on.
One very important advise, you must convert currency fields (i.e. CRCD,
CRRM, ... etc.) in your transactions and history database.

Emad Banoub
Pasadena, CA
A7.3 CU 12/X3 - Xe SP 13.0 coexistence

SGnida <> on 08/17/2001 05:54:22 AM


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We converted over to multi-currency 2 years ago but have just FINALLY
resolved a problem with some FASTR reports.
For FASTR to work correctly you MUST set the CRCD and CRCX fields in F0902
according to the white paper available from KG.
On some of our reports, even though we were pulling accounts created since
multi-currency was introduced, those reports were randomly not pulling in
the balances from the previous year.
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