Multi Company Problem


Good morning list, we are trying to implement multi-company operations
within JDE but can't get the system to post correctly.

When are entering AR invoices (P03B2002) we are entering the correct company
information etc. and the invoice actually posts to the wrong AR trade
account unless the Address Book Record for the customer is set to the
company in question:

i.e.: Enter invoice for company 10685 which is directly set to Company 3
both in the address book and in AR the invoice posts correctly, but if we
use another customer which is set up in the address book as company 1 but
set up in AR for both Company 1 & 3 the invoice posts incorrectly to company
1 in the AR trade account with the actual revenue line coming in against
company 3 as it should. In the cases where GST is involved the GST will
also post incorrectly to company 1 rather than company 3 along with AR

Any suggestions as to setup issues that I might be missing would be greatly


NT04 SP6a, Oracle 8.05, JDE 7331 SP 11.3

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