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MSSQL DTS Packages


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Not exactly a JDEdwards question, but I wouldn't have this question if it
weren't for JDE.

NT4.0 Servers

I recently installed MSSQL SP2, the SQL Hotfix 851, and MDAC2.5 to be in
compliance with JDEdwards' recommended configuration.

Now, I can't run my DTS packages on SQL.

I'm told that 'login failed for user JDE'
Note: JDE is the SQL login being used in ths package.

I went into design view of the DTS package and checked the Connection. It's
using SQL authentication and has JDE in the user field. The password field
was blank, so I typed that in and tried to run the package again, but it
still doen't run.

I've checked the Security in SQL for my JDE account and it's still a System
Admin. It also has access to all necessary databases. I'm kind of at a loss

If any SQL magicians are out there, I'd appreciate any help.

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