Mrp r3483


Hi all,

I am trying to establish the best data selection for our MRP run. We get daily planned and firm work orders from APO which should serve as demand/forecast for our MRP generation in JDE. Normally I would say that based on a forecast that you include in the MRP processing options you would be running MRP against that Schedule but in this case we only have firm and planned work orders.
My question is: How can I include those work orders in my MRP run for the work orders to act like forecast for my MRP and low level components requirements? Do I need to include all components in the R3483 data selection? What planning policiy should I specify? MRP with frozen MPS?
My main issue is that I dont have a "normal" forecast to include in the MRP processing options but only planned and firm work orders and based on that I want to plan my net requirements for my components.
Thanks for the help
Hi Tom,

I think you should process the planned orders to create WO headers and then freeze them.
Use Generation type 4 and launch MRP R3483 for all items with planning code 1 or 2.

Let us know how it goes, Thanks