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MRP Order & Cancel messages for the same item


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We run a nightly R553483 ube that creates MRP messages to create work order. For some items we found that a B type (Order & Expedite) message is created first following a C type to cancel previously created Work Order (by processing message on previous day). I m not sure why it does not create either increase or decrease message to that work orders instead of cancel. Please refer to the attachments. Below are some MRP related set up info for that item. Can someone throw any hints on where we can investigate. Running thru the C function debugger will be a nightmare unless it really comes down to that.

Order Policy Code = Lot for lot
Planning code = 1 (planned by mrp)
Planning Fence Rule = H
Planning Fene = 999
Freeze Fence = ''

Multiple Order Qty = 18


E9.2, TR, Oracle


Marcia HR

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We found what sounds to be the same issue when we upgraded to 9.2 last year. There was an existing bug we found (28363666) that I think is now complete.