MRP messages and lower level requirements / challenge


HI There,

We are in the process of implementing the multi locations MPS/MRP and CRP in JDE 9.0.

We are struggling to make the MRP system works so that:

> MRP messages for work orders (Expedite, increase etc...) do not trigger changes in lower level (purchased items) requirements until they are being reviewed and firmed by the planners (at least of a defined time horizon)
> We do want to run net change and get messages but do not want to pass the requirements to procurement automatically; only when firmed
> However, we want the MRP messages to generate requirements in the longer term horizon outside of purchasing components lead time (4 months +)

Anyone has faced similar challenges and found a way to resolve it?!

Without knowing much detail or what has already be attempted one thing to consider to achieve something like what you want is you'll need multiple sets of supply & demand rules and multiple versions of MRP generation.
Thanks for the reply, so far, we had in mind to run gross requirements over the WE, and then get net change to run overnight; but our assumption was that the MRP messages would not create lower level requirements, or only when validated; but we found that all messages that call for increase / decrease / expedite... do automatically trigger changes at lower levels (purchasing items) which is very risky for us as it could trigger purchase that we might not need. Also, we will run the CRP so our work orders might be lower than the MRP recommended due to insufficient capacity for instance... We are indeed looking at the various generation types but we have not fully tested it yet. We need demand unconstrained so we would not change the demand signal, we therefore need to have more control over the MRP runs and signals. Has anyone found a way to tell the system to generate messages but to specify that no impact from the message should be considered by the system prior to confirming it?