E9.2 MRP - Intermediates stored at external warehouse


Question - what if your supply branch plant is also your demand? For example, we have a manufacturing site and an external warehouse. When we complete campaigns of intermediates, we move the intermediate to the external warehouse since the manufacturing site has limited storage. But when a finished good work order is created / planned, MRP is creating a message to create more intermediate at the manufacturing site instead of creating a message for an ST/OT from the external warehouse where the intermediate inventory is stored. Any suggestions?


Setup branch plant relationship with the external warehouse providing 100% of the supply for the intermediate manufactured item, then a transfer will be created by MRP when there is demand for the intermediate item. Further, setup branch plant relationship from the external warehouse to the manufacturing site for the supply of the intermediate manufactured item and MPS will create a work order in the manufacturing site when current inventory less safety stock less transfer demand is less than zero. If you use standard intermediate batch sizes, you can set the quantity multiple and the work order will be created in multiples of the batch size, or if setting the maximum as the same as the multiple, then MPS will create multiple work orders with the same quantity based on the unsatisfied demand.