MRP inclusion rules to include supply and inventory from different branch plant?


I am working with my IT group to fix the MRP for a certain branch plant. The issue is that they source raw materials receive and inspect raw materials in a different branch plant than we manufacture in. There are then 2 more branch plants that it transfers thru before it makes its way into the branch plant where it is used for manufacturing. My initial inclination was to configure the multi-facility planning to route them demand thru the network. The IT group has been resistant to this; the state that they tried it several years ago and couldn't get it to work properly due to the multiple branch plants between the source and demand.(I'm skeptical of their assertion)

They suggested that there might be a way to configure the supply and demand inclusion rules so that the MRP in one branch plant included the open PO and inventory from the other branch plant. I'm skeptical of this as well, but I thought I'd put it out here to see if anyone had seen this done before.

Any ideas?


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Multi-plant MRP is needed to do this right.

Set up on the branch relationships to drive the supply/demand requirements.

- The MFG plant runs low on materials, planning message is triggered to source more
- Branch relationship is defined that the item is sourced from another branch
- ST/OT message is created to fill the demand at the MFG and draw the supply from the warehouse
- standard min/max/multi/leadtime stuff applied to determine the ST/OT amounts and dates
- planning then checks the warehouse if there is enough inventory. If not, source it through another transfer from a 3rd warehouse or a PO coming into the warehouse
- standard min/max/multi/leadtime stuff applied to determine the ST/OT or PO amounts and dates
- rinse and repeat

Standard setup really...