E8.0 MRP Expedite/Planned PO logic


Is there any MRP processing option to change the logic behind when JDE plans the next PO based on other firm PO's?

For example, say I have part #999 and I've placed PO's at lead time plus 4 months. Currently, if there is increased demand in the schedule/forecast outside of the part's LT, JDE will suggest you first expedite the firm PO's and then place new PO's after that.

How do I get JDE to suggest a new PO to satisfy any demand gap outside the part's LT instead of trying to expedite x amount of POs first?




Freeze the existing PO and MRP won't give you any expedite/increase/decrease messages on the frozen PO. If there is new demand, it will suggest a new PO or a new expedited PO if inside the leadtime.