MPS planned quantity to include QC sample requirement


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I may be having a blond moment here, but I can't seem to work out how to solve this issue.

Some of our items require to be produced in slightly higher quantities than needed. Eg when a quantity of 5kg is needed, the work order needs to be raised for 5.5kg. The 0.5kg is for a QC sample.
Shrink, yield and scrap settings only seem to increase the quantity of the components.
The planning message is still going to be for 5kg regardless of any of the shrink/yield/scrap settings.
How can I configure JDE to create an MPS planning message for a quantity that is 10% higher than required?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions,


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Did you populate the item branch 'shrink factor' and 'shrink factor method' ? What is the order policy code ?

Per JDE, it should work as you expect...can you attach screenshot of Addle Info screen., Thanks

SRKN field definition:
A fixed quantity or percentage that the system uses to determine inventory shrinkage for an item. The system increases the planned order quantity by this amount in MPS/MRP/DRP generation. The shrink factor method you specify for the item determines whether the shrink factor is a percentage or a fixed quantity.


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Hi Aaro,

Apologies for the late reaction.
Shrink factor is actually working. I was expecting increased WO messages to allow for the 'shrinkage' but their quantities remain the same after rerunning MPS (hence I aborted my tests at that point).
However when you process the message the extra shrinkage is taken into account on the actual work order.
More importantly MRP for the components also plan for the extra shrinkage.
Thanks for putting me back on the right path