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Moving Central Objects to AS400


I would appreciate any comments from those that have moved CO from the
deployment server onto the AS400. Pros/Cons, pkg build times ect..


Bryan D. Windham
Information Technology Manager
Cross Oil Refining & Marketing, Inc.
870.725.3611, x181
B733.2 SP 11.3, 4116422, 4605023
AS400 V4R4, SQL 7.0 CO


VIP Member
Hi Bryan,

I have found the builds to be slower when Central Objects live on the AS/400.

JDE had to kludge the way they handle BLOB fields on DB/400. IBM initially only supported BLOB sizes of 64K. OneWorld is storing each BLOB as a series of chunks that span multiple records. The OneWorld middleware reconstitutes these chunks behind the scenes when an object is retrieved.

The fastest package builds I have seen so far have been using a medium spec NT/SQL Server box with a decent multi-channel RAID controller to host the Central Objects.


Justin Miller

working with B7332 and XE on AS/400, NT, Solaris and AIX


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All I can tell you is our Central Objects started on the AS/400.

As far as pkg build times it is totaly relitive to your hardware.

For a server package I have heard from 4 to 14 hours depending on your

I am on a model 720 single way and I do a combo package in about 12 to 13
hours. That would be your worst case.



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I'm currently trying to do this.
ESUs and package builds work just fine with CO on SQL Server on the Deployment
Server. ESUs with CO on the AS400 I get
"EventRule : Business Function AddCumObject at line 17 for Event 13 in Section Merge
Specs has caused a memory violation. "
Should I would repoint the OCM mapping for just 1 environment and see how a single
ESU and its package build is before promising anything.
Rob Fletcher
B7332 SP14
AS400 V4R4

BWindham wrote: