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The order moves to history when Sales Update (P42800) is run, if that processing
option is turned on in the version. Can you clarify the question on the fiscal

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The sales order detail moves from the F4211 to the F42119 when the Sales
Update program is run (P42800) on menu on G4213 option 1. So the update is
based on the data selection and how you move your sales orders through the
status', most users run this update after the invoices have been printed.

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I believe it is based upon order status and a processing option in the sales
update. The Standard Order status is 620 999 and in the processing option
for sales update you specify to purge to the F42119. If sale update is not
set to purge the orders they will remain in the F4211 file.


It is based on the order status. I don't know how the order activity rule
is set up in your system. But normally, if the next order status is at
'620', the Sales Update program advances the order status to '999' and then
purges the order to the F42119.

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Movement of orders between F4211 and F42119 happens at the time of Sales
Update and is controlled by a processing option. We are currently debating
this because our current setup moves all orders, upon Sales Order Update, to
the History file. The main user in Finance wants to change that to wait 30
days because of an infrequent occurrence where he needs to create a
reversing order and wants it to hit all the correct AAI tables, impact
commissions, etc..

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A sales order moves to F42119 at sales update(P42800) time, depending on
what is the value of processing option number 16." Enter '1' to leave
completed records in the F4211 file. If left blank, the F4211 record will
be purged to the Sales History file (F42119). "

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Can anyone tell me when a sales order moves from F4211 to F42119? Is it
based on fiscal year or on the status of an order?

Jill MacLaurin

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