Move QB7333 to another Subsystem on AS400


Hi List,

AS400 V4R4, Xe, SP 14.2

Have anyone used a different subsystem other QBATCH for QB7333. We try to
remove QB7333 job queue from QBATCH subsystem and add it onto our custom
subsystem QOW but all the submit jobs won't run (in waiting mode) on the new
subsystem. We can create a new job queue (ex. QB7333x)for QOW subsystem and
the submit job will run okay on this new queue. What is the link between
subsystem QBATCH and QB7333 job queue. Do I have to restart JDENET on AS400
to make this work? Please help if you have a solution. Thanks in advance!



Hi Phil

Try restarting the OneWorld services and also the QBATCH and QOW subsystems...
this should remove any cached references to the location of the QB7333 job queue.

Lee Walters
CNC Consultant