E9.0 Move PDF file from AS400 to windows


I am able to move file in AS400 between one folder to another using execute external command bsfn. However the requirement now is to move file between AS400 to windows folder. Can you please suggest how it can be done.


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I'm not an AS400 guru, but there is capability on the IFS called QNTC which allows you to access Windows shares. There is some setup to align AS400 user with AD user to establish security, but it certainly works well. Maybe someone with more experience can help.



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I think if you get the AS400 team to map the windows drive as a shared folder and give E1 access, it will work the same way.

I do this for a customer who wanted their CSV files FTP'd out. All I did was move the file off the E1 print queue folder on the UNIX box to this newly mapped drive / folder (external) and boom it worked.
As Craig says, E1 needs access