E9.2 MOQ - Order Quantity by Supplier by Order


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Hi - wondering if anyone has figured out a way to perform minimum order quantity for a given supplier by order? For example...

Supplier A - you have to order 2000 pieces for a minimum order quantity. It does not matter if that comes from 1 item or 1000 items but you have to order that many otherwise the supplier will not take the order. It would be nice if there were the ability to do price breaks by quantity across this too (say like 5% off when you order 5000, 10% at 10000, etc.).

Curious if anyone has had to tackle this? I did toy with the order value min/max by supplier but doesn't quite fit...
If MRP and blanked order are used, maybe you could check out the application Enter/Change Supplier Info - Vendor Schedule Master Revisions (P4321), which allow user to define shipment quantity (Alias: SHQT, This is the quantity the supplier is willing to ship as a minimum.) P4321 is part of Supplier Release Scheduling functionality.