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Monthly Order Dollars


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We are looking for a way on daily basis to keep track of our order dollars. I know how to get new order dollars and cancelled dollars, but is there any way to track a changed order value.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Carol Schwobe
One World XE
AS 400

Mike Dupaix

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The easiest would be to use F42199, the Sales Order Ledger file. This file tracks all changes to order lines in the ledger file if it is activated in the Order Activity Rules. Your report(s) would need to look for duplicate keys and build logic to report on the changes to the dollars or other items you want to track.

Mike Dupaix
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We are on World, but we have the F4211 Journaled and capture the journals
daily. Then check the journals for changes to orders to see the dollars

I will let you know it took two consultants to set this up and for a long
time there were multiple problems. If you can journal in One-World, give it
a try and let the LIST know how you do.

Michelle D.

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We created a new table to store the open order amounts. We store them on
the 1st of every month (the records are tagged with the prior month and
year). Then, we have a report that has the following columns:

Column 1: Item No.
Column 2: Beginning Balance (from new table)
Column 3: Order Additions (F4211 and F42119)
Column 4: Order Changes (calculated - see note below)
Column 5: Orders Invoiced (F42119)
Column 6: Ending Balance (F4211)

Order Changes: Start with the Ending Balance, add Orders Invoiced, subtract
Orders Added, subtract Beginning Balance. (Column 6 + Column 5 - Column 3 -
Column 2 = Column 4)

I hope this gives you some ideas.

Michelle Dulay
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Chandler Evans Control Systems
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