Month-End Backup of OneWorld


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Dear list,

We are on OneWorld using the Oracle DB on a HP UX machine. We have daily
backup tapes of 5 generations. However prior to this in our legacy system we
have month-end backup tapes - snapshot at that point of time and we can
restore them on another
disk and re-print our month-end reports if need be anytime.

Any idea is appreciated - even exporting to another database else where,
Microsoft platforms. Most likely we will be using another third-party
reporting tool to access the data but if we could have another instance of
OneWorld pointed to this backup area would be ideal.


Sook Fun


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Sook Fun,

If your company really needs to do month end backups under OW why not copy the PROD data (PRODDTA and PRODCTL) to CRP, or TEST?
You can use either JDE's R98403 to perform the copies or Oracle's Export/Import tools. If CRP and TEST are both dedicated to other uses then create a new data source(s) and environment for this purpose.
We use this method but only for Year-End snapshots.

User's can use OW programs for their inquiries/reporting or 3rd party tools.

My 2 cents,

Larry Jones
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OneWorld B733.1, SP 11.3
HPUX 11, Oracle SE 8.1.6