Month end and F0010 in system cache


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Hi folks,

Can I ask a question on month end and the fiscal period changes.

How do you guys ensure all E1 reports and subsystems etc are using the correct period?
Do you get CNC to restart all subsystems and refresh the cache or is F0010 removed from P98613 with you?




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One has to exercise caution of the administration of period end financial close and coordinate the advancing of the financial period pursuant to each Company's needs. Typically AR and AP close first, then GL closes last. Keep in mind it is a coordinated functional effort that does not require tech or CNC. Since financial reports are generated by different users for different purposes, the financial reports may be run for different periods as needed. The real key is that financial leadership needs to control when entries and transactions are booked to the GL and hence it is typically a formal process in Companies.


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I am informed that starting with 9.1 changes to Company Constants (F0010) will automatically trigger a cache refresh.
Prior to that change (pre 9.1) we had removed F0010 from the Database Caching list - but no longer need to now.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Larry and Al

Yeah I've been reading up on that in 9.1. It looks amazing! A new UDC linked to applications that will flush the cache if it detects a change.
I'm more concerned about subsystem cache though and the cache of the jobs the they spawn.

They do close Ar AP first Al, then advanced the period on around day 6 after everyone has reported in. I'm just worried about the subsystem cache we have for inbound 856s and the GL or POs they may create/update.

We had a problem here this month with error message 043Z and only restarted the subsystem after the period had been changed fixed it.
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