Monitoring messages in JAS e1root logs and ent server kernel logs

Larry Williams

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Has anyone come up with a solution to automate the mining of JAS e1root logs and enterprse server kernel logs?
It's way too tedious to manually go through all logs and it looks like Server Manager does not have a function to catch all potential issues.
Please teach about "splunk"

Hi! I'm KamKamkenken.
I'm glad to see your thread.
I'm interested in "splunk"
I'm not good at English,Sorry.
Can I ask a few quetions?Please talk me about "splunk"
I feel difficulty in analyse e1root.log.
I always analyse e1root.log,accounting.log,application.log.
For Example e1root.log!!
e1root.log export every day,very very many description!
I find keyward "SEVERE".
Because,it's mean Error. So around this sentence,I can find Error.
SEVERE helps me to investigate Error's reason.
But I'm very tediou in finding or check "SEVERE"

①Can "Splunk" find keyword"SEVERE" in e1root.log ?
If I can,I can manual WEB_SPLUNK_FORM ?
②Can "Splunk" find many servers in different environments?
I use JDEdwards Enterprose toolsversion9.1
thank you.
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