Molding Injection - MFG Implementation


Hi List! Hope you can help with this one.


There is a molding injection machine, which has multiple cavities (20)
giving the possibility of combining in one machine the production of
multiple products. For example you might use 4 of the cavities for one
product, 6 for another one and so on. Also, the running time is different
for each product being produced using this molding machine. While running
the production and due to special requirements, the cavities 1 and 2 of the
first 4 might be changed to produce another different product and cavities
no. 3 and 4 will continue producing the other product changing the original
setup of the Work Order.

The question is how can we handle this situation within the JDE’s PDM, SFC,
and MFG Cost Accounting modules?

Thanks in advanced!



The solution for this is to use Process Manufacturing. Create a process where you can get different co-products out of this process.