Modifying Versions


Hi List,

We are running OneWorld Xe Update 2, SP16. Whenever we create a new version
of a report and try to modify it, it seems to be checked out as read-only.
OMW says it is checked out, but the OK buttons in RDA are disabled. What am
I missing?

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to offer.

Kevin Long
Network Coordinator
MacDon Industries Ltd.
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You need to click on Override Specifications. There you have the option to
override the ER, Layout, etc.... But I recommend only selecting the options
you need to override....


XE SP 15 UPD1 AS400


Hi, Kevin -

I'm not using the same release you are, but are you overriding the version specifications (in my release, right-click on the section, and click on override version specifications)?

If you haven't done this, this may be the reason you are not able to modify anything.

I hope this is not a silly answer. I'm not sure what your experience level is.

Have fun,
Jennifer DiMartino
Applications Developer
Trendwest Resorts, Inc.

One World
Release B733.2
SP 11.3
Platform AS400