Modifying UBE's on a Terminal Server with Xe


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Modifying UBE\'s on a Terminal Server with Xe


Does it work ? Anyone tried yet ?

I know the manual SAYS it should work - but any development people out there who could update us on how they finally got multi-user Writable TAM files ?

Jon Steel                                       
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RE: P0411- Supplier ledger enquiry very slow response time


Map the \\Deployment\B733 to a drive letter (such as q:) on all fat
workstations and terminal servers.

Yours, Sebastian

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> Asunto: P0411- Supplier ledger enquiry very slow response time
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> Hi jdelist,
> We are running B7332 service pack 10_combo on an as400 v4r4 enterprise
> server and Windows Terminal Server with about 150 thin clients and about
> 30
> fat clients. Our system performance is good but at certain times of the
> day
> calling up certain screens gets a lot slower. For instance just opening
> up,
> (not querying) the F0411 screen (supplier ledger enquiry) took about 2-3
> seconds in the morning and in the afternoon it took minutes or just
> hanged,
> the same happens on P4310 (Purchase orders enquiry). This occurs on both
> thin and fat clients. We need to know what causes this to happen, it may
> help to know where the application is called from. Any advice will be
> greatly appreciated.
> Many thanks in advance,
> Jason Attard
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It is possible to Modify UBE\'s on Citrix with Xe

OK - its official.

It is completely possible to run any of the OneWorld Design tools on a Citrix Server - it is obviously not possible to compile Business Functions on Terminal Server (due to the fact that Microsoft Visual C++ is not supported on Terminal Server environments) - but IT IS POSSIBLE to run RDA or FDA on a Terminal Server !

This is a huge step - that JD Edwards obviously still to this day (3 months after realease) don't understand ! The ability to use the JD Edwards Toolset without the necessity of a full client is extremely good news, I am sure, to most customers.

No wonder why Citrix stock is heading up today...!

By the way - its the Token system that allows the tools to be run on Citrix - as I suggested when Xe was Beta !!!! I'd love to see the Java solution try and run the toolset next........

Jon Steel
ERP Sourcing

ERP Sourcing
[email protected]


Re: It is possible to Modify UBE\'s on Citrix with Xe

I find this very interesting because when I called response line about this issue - this is the response I got:

Call Number 4068958

<Q> 1. Development on the Terminal Server?
2. What about Report Writing?

<A> 1. No, JDE still recommends doing development work from a workstation (fat client).
2. Yes, but their are limitations. You cannot create templates.
Cannot checkout versions. You have to make a copy of the version or create it from scratch. Then if you check that version back in, then it is lost to the terminal server. You would then have to make a copy of that version and then check it out and make changes.

If anyone can expand on this - I would appreciate it. I am having huge issues with remote report writing (we would need to create templates - not just modify versions). Also, if you can create reports on terminal server - would there be a way to run just the new report locally so that we would not have to do deployments to the enterprise server daily? Any suggestions would help.

Thanks. Melissa


RE: It is possible to Modify UBE\'s on Citrix with Xe

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when you make een NT group OWDEVELOPER, and assign a user to the group. Then
you're able to check in /out UTB etc. also on TS.

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Re: It is possible to Modify UBE\'s on Citrix with Xe

There certainly seems to be some confusion here. Not only that, but I am also currently investigating different behaviours of RDA under Citrix between customers. One customer (without OWDEVELOPER set up as a group) has no issue modifying reports on a Citrix server - whereas the other customer seems to have issues. The only differences seems to be the release of Service Pack the customers are using. Very strange....

I would love to hear an official opinion from JDE why RDA should NOT work under Citrix - especially with the argument that the token system provides now. "corrupt specs" is no longer an argument - its an excuse.


ERP Sourcing
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Re: Modifying UBE\'s on a Terminal Server with Xe

Hi Jon,

We have a test lab setup of OneWorld Xe on the following platform:
Enterprise server: Windows 2000 Server (SP1), SQLServer 7.0 (SP2)
Deployment server: Windows 2000 Server (SP1), OneWorld Xe (SP13)
Terminal server: Windows 2000 Terminal Services (SP1)

We have no problems running RDA from Terminal Server Clients after a standard installation of OneWorld Xe (Typical Installation Plan). The only issue is, that after a version of a report is checked-in from a Terminal Server Client, it can't be checked-out again. We use the workaround of the NT User Group OWDEVELOPER to be able to check-out versions again.

Kind regards,
Koos Oostdijck
(Test Lab Administrator)


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Re: Modifying UBE\'s on a Terminal Server with Xe

As I said - you have SP13.0 running. From SP13.1 onwards the RDA requires the OWDEVELOPER group to be able to just run any tool. It seems as if when Xe got released - Development let users run the toolset on Terminal Servers then had second thoughts and secured it down AGAIN. As I said last month - an excuse not a legitimate reason anymore.


ERP Sourcing
[email protected]


Re: It is possible to Modify UBE\'s on Citrix with Xe

What modifications need to be made to Citrix servers? AS/400 enterprise server? desktop thin client? To achive such greatness.

Eddie J Urfer
OW Xe AS/400 sp14.1