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Hello All,

I am new to One World (an old World dog). We are in the process of going to Xe in A/P and the standard A/P check process only supports 10 lines of remittance advise on the stub. On World we modified the Check print for 32 lines on the stub and then to overflow onto the next check(s) if need be with the subsequent checks being voided. We generate an AS/400 spool file which is formatted by EZ/Print to print out a Laser Check on blank check stock. I can generate the AS/400 spool file by selecting a line printer so that is not an issue.

Has anyone modified the A/P checks print similarly? Does anyone have a feel for what is involved? Can this just be done through report design or is C++ required?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Frank Giurini

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Greetings Frank.

I recently did a simple mod on A/P cheque payment report R04572 and its attachment R04573. Maybe i might be able to shed a lil light on this mod....

First question is, which manner of cheque payment would you be using? There are manual cheque payments and automatic cheque payments. Both use the same objects but i encountered a weird situation. As you may already know, if the stub overflows, the cheque may either void the next page's cheque or call for an attachment instead.

At first, we opt for voiding the cheque since we dont expect the stub to overflow often ( not THAT many payments in a cheque for us! LOL) but then, we discovered that for the manual payments, the attachment pops up upon stub overflow. I am really stumped as to WHERE the attachment is being called from! Since we couldnt figure out how to deactivate the attachment from popping up for manual payments, we decided to go along with calling the attachment for BOTH payment types. Using version overrides, we did the required mods and used the attachment method. If i didnt recall wrongly, you can specify your new version in the processing options for making the payments.

Remember to USE THE VERY EXACT SAME VERSION NAME FOR BOTH AUTOMATIC AND MANUAL versions as the processing options would be calling that version name for both automatic and manual payments. Pls dont ask me how or why, i havent any clue. Maybe you might figure it out and clear my curiousity then :)

Hope i managed to give you an idea.

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We will be using the automatic payment process.

What type of a mod did you make to your R04572? Did you make the mod simply through the report design tool or did you have to create a new program?



Hi again Frank!

Glad to hear that you are using only Automatic Cheque payment since its so much easier to tackle one payment mode, rather than both.

The slight changes i made were done to enable more information to be added on to the report/remittance advice R04572. Example, such as debited to - account number, adjustments to the layout etc .... It can all be done via Report Design Aid itself, no need for any C coding changes or anything like that. If you would go to Batch Versions and call out the R04572, you may notice there is a default version called ZJDE001, you may copy that version and rename it to (for example) EBASIC001, and subsequently make the necessary changes to your new version. After that, remember to specify the new version name in the processing options of P04571.

The current default setup for number of max lines in the detail stub is 10 but if you adjust the layout carefully, you may increase the number of detail lines to as many as 15 or more, depends on how you adjust the layout of the report. Increasing the allowed number of detail lines on the stub would enable you to avoid frequent possibility of the overflow (wasting the next cheque due to voiding).

Happy modifying! :)


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Re[2]:Modifying A/P Checks


Sorry I was mistaken, I checked the pdf files I have and counted up the detail
lines and saw the max we had was 10. We as well need more then 10 per check,
I will be asking the consultant when he comes back next week if it is possible
to change that. The paychecks have more then 10 lines, and that is possible to
change with some options. I got a little confused. Hope I didn't get your
hopes up to high.

Sorry again.

Jeremey Garcia
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Re: Re[2]:Modifying A/P Checks


By creating a new version and playing around with the report design I am now able to squeeze in 28 lines. After modifying the report design you have to update the Bank account info with the number of detail line on the stub. My next task is more challenging. I have to try to get the Business Unit name to also print as part of the detail on the stub.

Thanks for the info,