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Hi friends,

I just started developing E1pages for our 9.2 project by following JDE guidelines and they are working fine.

Now I need to modify an existing E1Page and I have never done that.

Can anyone provide me the series of steps I need to follow ?

Thank you for your anticipated help and best regards


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Olavo Henrique Dias

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If you are talking about Classic E1 Pages, they were done using a text file and a program that would generate the HTML.

Unless you have something special (custom HTML code) on your Classic E1 Page, I would highly recommend you to migrate it to the new Composite Pages that comes with 9.2.

On your main JDE Web Environment, click on the arrow to the right of your name on the top right, go to "Manage Content" and then "Composite Pages". You can then create a page and add the steps on the flow, just like you would have on your Classic E1 Page.

It is a UDO so you can apply security and promote it to other environments using the OMW Web (P98220W).

Thank you.


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Thank you Dias....I was actually looking for quick tip and unfortunately no one responded. I figured it out yesterday and modified the E1Page.

Here're are the steps I followed and might be useful to those new to E1Pages like myself.

1. If project is still in DV/QA, demote it to 21 status using web OMW. If the E1Page is already in PD, create a new project and add the page to the newly created project.

2. Check out the E1Page

3. Use E1 Page Manger under 'UserId' and download the zipped dat file.

4. Make changes to .dat file and run it thru E1 Page generator.
5. Upload the output ( zip file) to the same E1Page using Page Manager.

6. Check-in the E1Page
7. Advance the project
8. Request CNC to publish the page.

All above need to be performed on web OMW.....I took a little while to properly understand the tool though I have years exposure to JDE!



Tyler F

We are currently on and one thing that I have noticed when uploading the zip files is that I have to change the name in some fashion for every upload if it is an already existing E1 Page. What ends up happening is that when I do update an E1 Page and re-upload using the same name, it often does not update the E1 Page with my changes. This is of course after I've already verified that it didn't by logging out and logging in.

So now I've gotten into the habit that when I do update E1 Pages that exist already, I tend to append the upload with a number. For instance the very first upload may be "", but the next time I update it, I'll name it "Example_v01" or "Example_v02" and it seems to avoid that particular issue. This also allows me to easily keep track of the changes for every update that I do since I'm having to change the "Version" number anyways.

Of course this may only be an issue that we have, but I figured I would add my two cents to this.

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Thanks Tyler....we are on TR and I will follow your tip of renaming every changed E1Page dat file while uploading.