Modified web application fails to JITI when trying to view thru local web


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Hi All,

never posted to the Developers forum before so bear with me please:

I have a developer who has modified an application for the web on their Fat client and when they try to view the application on he local web they get the following error:

05 Jun 2015 08:23:08,402 [SEVERE] CLARKEM - [RUNTIME] Unable to open form:p550911_W550911A_ZJDE0001
05 Jun 2015 08:23:08,402 [SEVERE] CLARKEM - [RUNTIME] Exception caught: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException

Local web is working ok as all other applications work with no issue. its only when they do a specific type of change to the application and then try to view it using local web does it throw and error. Here is testing they have completed and the results, they are developing on DV900:

Advanced get of application from PY:

- open local web, launch application from fast path, it jitis and opens ok.
- Use form design to add a static text control, save application, open local web and launch, it jitis and opens ok.
- Repeat this time adding push button with one line of code attached, it jitis and opens ok.
- Repeat this time adding Form Exit with one line of code, it jitis and hangs failing to open as before.

So it seems that only when they add a new form exit does the issue exist, has anyone any ideas why this might be, any help would be greatly appreciated:

Additional info:

◾Originally thought this was to do with Row Exit (menus) but it has occurred with buttons now. Adding these controls to interactive versions causes fatal errors in local web debugging but not on JDE servers.
◾Deploying the package (with the new object) to the JDE servers works fine, the application works fine on JDE servers but even after deployment it does not work locally in debug.
◾JDE Tools Release:
◾JDE Version: 9.0
Hi all, just an update we found that the user profile in P0092 was set to E, when they set it to blank they could add new row exits without issue, they also cleared down there serialised tables but the change in the P0092 profile seemed to work - go figure! Anyone ever come across this?
OMW Preview not working/ can't run app from fat client

This fix solved for a similar issue for me.

I couldn't preview or run a custom application on my fat client. It would just go to the main menu. I created a menu to link it, when that was clicked it would act like it was going to open, then fail silently in the background. It didn't show anything in the debug.log, but i did find the "Exception caught: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 3" in my C:\e812\system\OC4J\j2ee\home\log\jderoot_... file.

After going into my user preferences, and changing my language to blank, and restarting jde on my fat client, the problem went away.

Thanks for your post and follow up!