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I have a heavily modified version of a UBE. JDE has applied a few sars to the UBE. Is there any way of transferring the changes from the UBE to the modified version without loosing the changes?

XE 14.1/NT/Oracle 8.1.5


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I assume you are concerned with ER overrides.

Try this.

- Check the version out in an environment.
- Log into another environment.
- Remove the ER override from the version in this environment.
- Save it.
- Open it again and override the ER. Do not modify it.
- Log back into the original evironment.
- Use Visual ER compare to compare the version in this environment to the version in the environment where you turned the override off.
- Use Visual ER to merge the desired changes from one to the other.

It's not perfect but it should be easier than recoding.

Have fun.


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