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Mod11 check digit


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I'm working a project that requires us to send a number with a checkdigit to a vendor. They want the check digit to be Mod 11.

Can't find anything in jd edwards but that doesn't mean it's not in there someone and I don't like recreating wheels.

Here is my google foo of what mod 11 is


If this functionality exists, please help!

EDIT: looks like everyone does this check digit differently. here is how YRC does it. https://my.yrc.com/national/pdf/Freight_Bill_Numbering.pdf
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Clone this badboy B0000285 and change local variable mnTen to 11????
Found that one too. I think every vendor has a different way to calculate the check digit. I've found at least three different ways now. I edited my post to show how YRC does it


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Seems easy enough to code, no? In expression manager, ABS will drop the decimals for you

The example I sent you seemed add all the individual digits together, YRC don't seem to do that, just divide multiple then subtract

B0000500 this thing can be quite smart, but not that smart