E9.2 Mobility Solutions


Currently, we have JDE Standard Mobility applications up and running on Mobile devices using JDE Tool set (
My understanding is Oracle will not be supporting JDE Standard Mobile aplications beyond April 2021. Any thoughts on what mobile strategies could be pursued to align with Oracle strategy moving forward. Example, Orchestrator (Capable of Full Development?), Custom Java Development - what else?


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I would say the Oracle strategy on this aligns with everything else they are doing around JDE. They want to bring you in further to their cloud eco-system. Specifically, their offering going forward appears to be Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS). I would hope that they would have implemented some decent example applications but I doubt they have the "100 apps in 100 days" they built for JDE standard mobility 2.0. This new approach does use Orchestrator/AIS on the backend for VBCS to talk to.

Have a look at this learning path: https://apexapps.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=44785:50:0:::50:P50_EVENT_ID,P50_COURSE_ID:6471,508
It includes a PO approval example app.

My take is that the above is the only way to align with Oracle. For other mobile choices you will still have all ones you have today such as REST calls from a mobile app directly to the AIS (like the current mobile apps do), BSSV calls (like the original mobile apps did), XML Call Object calls (like DSI and some other third-party mobile JDE solutions do). If you bring up these solid but older integration methods to Oracle they won't go so far to say that they are going to be de-supported but they will turn their nose at them..


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No, I just think it was reprehensible of Oracle to say "You know that mobility architecture you invested so much in? We're dumping it, so sorry."


I can suggest go for an alternative platform which works woth ais and orchestrator both. One i can think of is Swift by ephlux.


Oracles mobile strategy moving forward is that they will not provide mobile applications for JDE but rather they provide a mechanism for JDE to be connected to any mobile platform using the AIS & orchestrator. I think that's really the best way forward as it really never made any sense to provide out of the box mobile apps for customers who would be doing very different things with JDE

Now having a platform to connect with AIS, those are plentiful! VBCS is the main one from Oracle and its very powerful but I think it still is a little too technical for most folks. Swift is another good platform and the one I am most excited by. Their mobile app development makes creating bespoke apps easy, and since they use orchestrations it's really easy to connect with JDE