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MKS - Implementer Software


Dear All,

Does Anyone has worked on the MKS-Implementer Software
with J D Edwards?.
Any issues/concerns working with it.
Kindly give some feedback.

Pat Patil


We have been using Implementer for years and have not had any issues with
JDEdwards. We use this to not only move the usual objects into production
(CLP, RPG, PF, etc.), but also JDE special objects (Vocab. overrides,
processing options, versions, etc. I think you have to pay extra for the
programs to handle the JDE special objects). We are running two AS/400s
(development and production) and the software handles the distribution across

They were pretty good with helping us with issues when we last upgraded and
implemented the JDE special objects. If I had to pick something I did not like
I'd say the reporting could be better.