N/A Mistakely cancelled PO line


Hello Dear Everybody,

I am new in JDE applications and will pleased to be develop me in this ERP.

Could you please let me know if we cancelled a PO line by mistake, is there a way to bring back cancelled line?

We use 2 ways to cancel the line;

1. Directly in Purchase order (P5843IWW)
2. Close PO line as code 9 while doing a receipt. (P4312)

Your answer will be highly appreciated.
Thank you so much!
1st way.PNG 2nd way.PNG


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Well the short answer is NO . once a line is cancelled it is done . I dont want to suggest methoeds of backedn updates with status quantities amounts and all that to make the line active and then receive , thats not a good practice . You can ask buyers to create a new line to the PO and then receive it manually or via EDI