Missing System Configuration Informations!!!!!!!!!


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I read dozen of posts without any System Configuration Informations day to day. In most of that cases these informations are very-very relevant.

I really hate /w3timages/icons/mad.gif to reply just only asking for these informations without any additional input, so I do not do that replies (with really very few exceptions).

I see, that other journeymen, members, enthusiast also do not makes such types of replies (very well), so many times these issues remain un-replied.

I also do not like to see un-replied issues /w3timages/icons/frown.gif, so my question is:

What can we do to reach that everybody include these informations into their posts when it is really requiered/relevant.

It seems so that Eric's signature is not enough. /w3timages/icons/sad.gif

Unfortunately I haven't any idea currently. /w3timages/icons/sick.gif
And YOU???

I really hope that somebody of us will suggest something good solution.

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Good Idea Doug. Did you know that if you post to the forum via e-mail but put your system configuration in your signature in your Forum user profile that your configuration will appear on every post that you make?

Place your system configuration information in your signature!


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What about those of us who work across a varied number of customers -

for example, my list would look like this :

customer #1 - Oracle 8.05 Xe SP15.1 HPUX11.0
customer #2 - Oracle 8.06 Xe SP15 Wintel4.0
customer #3 - SQL Server 7 B7332 SP14.1 Wintel 2K
customer #4 - DB2/400 Xe SP14.1 Update 1 AS400 V4R5................

This would be REAL confuscitating !

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/w3timages/icons/smile.gifI suppose your right. This wouldn't be well suited for consultants. But even right now, I'll bet you have a text file of these configurations for your JDEList (or JDE Support) signatures. Perhaps the standard JDEList setup would default the configuration info from the profile but allow an override, on the msg submission or the profile, to allow the list-er to enter/edit their own signature. Maybe default the signature in the message (Post) box like my mail client does for me right now. POP Forums (another internet forum tool) does it this way.

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Hi Jonathan,

Never mind your signature and the bunch of system(s) configuration(s) information(s) of you /w3timages/icons/laugh.gif
If my memory serve me well then you are almost always on the helper side not on the asker side, so in my honest oppinion, in these cases the helper's sys conf info is not relevant.

These informations are generally relevant when somebody open an issue hoping to get some help.
I suppose, most of the asker are working on a single system, not like you and some other of us like me.

I am sure, if you will open an issue then you will consider what kind of informations are relevant to the issue and you will attach them to your post.

I generally override the system configuration information when I open an issue and it differs from the stored one in my signature (unless I forget it /w3timages/icons/wink.gif )

I suppose, for most of us could be usefull to fill the signature because majority of the asker are working on one system, at most on two at upgrade time. On the other hand, everybody can override these information in the post when it is necessary.

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David Robertson

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I agree!
Putting in the sys config on yoour signature is difficult. Consultants changes clients often, as well as having multiple clients.
I would just sign-
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But even then I would have to change often, to keep up with all of the software that keeps getting added to the equation.
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To all ...

May I give my two cents worth to this conversation? As a 'newbie' (and I say that proudly)/w3timages/icons/laugh.gif, I am new to JDE, new to jdelist and frankly, new to forums. When I filled out my profile, I had NO CLUE what you wanted /w3timages/icons/sad.gif. As I have read posts and occasionally participated in posting myself, I am starting to understand the info you want but don't totally have the hang of it yet (exactly what do you want??/w3timages/icons/crazy.gif). Assuming there are more like me, I am not surprised at the number of lists that don't have 'configuration in your signature'.

Maybe you could put instructions on the form when it is filled out (if there are instructions currently, I don't know how to find them). Since I wear the newbie hat proudly, I would be happy to test any changes you make and let you know if they make sense to those of us who are considerably less informed.

Please let me take this opportunity to thank all those who do help on the forum! I browse often and pass on items of interest to others. /w3timages/icons/grin.gif

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