MiscCode3 (Alias: AB3) - Where is this field in JDE 9.0?


In XE on the Additional tab from Address Book P01012, there is a field below the Additional Individual Tax ID, labeled "Miscellaneious Code". The Alias is AB3. I cannot find this field on any form when looking around in JDE 9.0. Does anyone know if I can access a form that displays this field?


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As part of Enhancement Bug 12484185, in 8.9 and 8.10 releases, the Miscellaneous Code (AB3) field was changed to the E-Mail Preference Code under the Additional

Tab in Address Book Revisions and Batch Address Book Revisions. Also, the Short Client Type (SCCLTP) was added to both Address Book and Batch Address Book Revisions.

In EnterpriseOne releases Xe, 8.9 and 8.10, workflow messages cannot be sent to both External E-mail and Work Center for a user. Workflow messages can be sent to either External e-mail or Work Center, but not both at the same time.

Starting with the EnterpriseOne 8.11 release, users are now able to setup multiple e-mail preferences. They can setup any address book user to be able to send workflow messages concurrently to multiple e-mail locations such as external e-mail, Internal Mail for Work Center, and Internet mail. However, they cannot be mixed and selectively sent to either of the two. Therefore, the functionality achieved by Miscellaneous Code or Email-Preference Code under the Additional tab is replaced by the e-mail preferences setup under Whos Who - Row Exit

"Email/Internet". For more information, please refer to following KM document: E1: WRKFLW: Sending Workflow Messages to both External E-mail and Work Center (Doc ID 648959.1)