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Ok, I've tried the turn-off/on and that didn't work, although I thought it
might have as when I re-started OW it started up maximized. Then I noticed
that it was the only application running where usually I have other stuff
running. So I tested some more and realized it was starting up maximized but
was behind whatever was currently running maximized. Is this a "priority"
setting and if so where would I change it?

Bill Feeney

sounds to me as if you are running Windows 2000. This is a "feature" of Win2k that is not specific to OW but most noticeable when logging on to OW. What happens is that whatever windows message is being used to cause a new window to gain "focus" is not honored under Win2K.
Just an annoyance feature really.


Larry Jones
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You're right, it is really just an annoyance. I think you've solved the
riddle as I am running Win2K and in the past was always on a Windows NT. The
other workstations in the shop are on Windows NT so that explains why they
do not experience this.

I would like to to thank everyone who offered suggestions to fix to issue,
it was much appreciated.

Bill Feeney

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