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Minimized Seamless windows cant be opened

We have three Citrix servers in our farm. We replaced our "master" server and installed a new one. After our next deployment users started calling saying that they could NOT see the JDE window. What was happening is that the JDE explorer menu was minimized and although they could see it in there task bar, they could not open it back up. Sometimes JDE starts maximized and works fine until it is minimized then, it is stuck like that.

We are on Citrix MF 1.8 SP 4 Windows 2000. Using XE sp21.

Any ideas?



how do you deploy your citrix icon (do you let citrix write the link to the users disktop?)

Also, did you force master browser to another machine in the farm when you did the reinstall?



1) Yes, citrix creates link. and

2) Yes, although I dont know the details on how we made the new machine the master browser. is there a right way to do it?