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Minimal Requirements


Can anybody give me the what was the minimal requirements for web enable in
ONEWORLD xe?? like what servers we need?? what was the versions of servers

Thanks in advance...


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>Subject: Anyone using Transportation to do Pipeline Movements? ~~0:2973
>Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 05:11:50 -0800 (PST)
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>Hi, I'm using the transportation module in OneWorld to calculate payable
>charges as product moves along various pipelines. Has anyone else done
>this? Perhaps we could compare notes, instead of everyone reinventing the
>Andy Klee
>Klee Associates
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>I'm using the=20
>transportation module in OneWorld to calculate payable charges as =
>product moves=20
>along various pipelines. Has anyone else done this? Perhaps =
>we could=20
>compare notes, instead of everyone reinventing the=20
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<FONT size=3D2>Andy Klee
Klee Associates
JD Edwards Certified=20
Tel: 970 856 4811</FONT></P>

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Go out to the knowledge garden the min. reqs. are there.
Product\Publications Translations\View Download Guides\OnewWorld\OneWorld
XE\English\. There you will see many different guides. The Installation
guides are at the bottom of the list under Installation and Upgrades. For
the Minimum Technical Requirements, Search Product\Oneworld Online. Search
String is "OneWorld Xe Minimum".
Take the minimum tech specs in JDE's Websphere and XE installation Guide,
double them and then double them again and then you might have a reasonable
chance of getting performance right.

If you are using or planning to use AS/400 (Ok - iSeries/400!) as your
enterprise server, I would suggest you use it for that and nothing else.
Deployment, Central Objects and HTML servers are better off being external
NT machines

One other thing - if you are going down the HTML route; make sure your
network is up to the job before you start.

Good Luck
Geoff Hunt
Reckitt Benckiser
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Fax - 0044 208 757 5909
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