Hi List,
Can anyone tell me if I can Migrate from WORLD A73.3 Cum 8 to OneWorld B73.3?
I am being told by my JDE consultant to go from A73.3 Cum 8 to Cum 12 before we even think about going to OneWorld.

I have installed Demo Junior and have imported the address book and other files into it to show our future users the OneWorld software, we have also networked two machines to share the access database.

To import the data seemed to be a very easy process.

also I will not be using the DEMO junior as a production environment.

Looking forward to your support.

Kind Regards,
Jim Powell

AS/400 830,
175 GB disk
Using NT and Win98
With Citrix for remote Sites.

The answer is yes. The only time you need to change cum levels is for co-existence. If you're simply (relative term) migrating data and will not be running World and OneWorld at the same time, you will be OK.

Mike Dupaix
JDE Certified Professional
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Re: re: Migration

Thank you for your help, I would like more information as I feel that we can move over to OneWorld using one of several conversion tools

Please contact me at [email protected]

Thanks for you help
Jim Powell

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