E9.2 Migration of JDE from on-premise to OCI


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Hi Everyone,

We are doing migration of On-premise JDE 9.2(windows platform with oracle database to OCI with hostname change.

Since server names are getting changed. We have to reinstall the deployment servers, Webservers, Bssv servers, server manager,
modifying ini files, run Sqls to change server names in jde tables, and build full package.

Please provide a list of jde tables have server names(deployment server, Enterprise server, web servers) and also suggest above approach is correct or needs modification?

Im going to hope/guess you still have support going to OCI. I would search MOS for "How to change out" for all of the above. For example, the dep server is Doc ID 659735.1.

The above approach should be fine.

The big thing that always gets people is the dep server. Make sure to brush up on the detach / attach scripts. (and when attaching to the new server, make sure to detach first.) Backup backup backup. The rest is pretty straight forward since you're basically just installing to a secondary system.