MFG Flex Accounting using F0006 R31802A


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We want to set up MFG Flex Accounting for AAI 3401 to use F0006 but it is not supported.
There is currently an enhancement request for this functionality but I know others have made modifications to include the F0006 and F30006 for this UBE. I tried getting it from Oracle no luck they are not sharing.
I see this table is supported in the Flex accounting BSFN and I am looking for information on what I need to do to get it to work with R31802A.

Any help is welcome.
I remember of a processing option starting from 9.1 for Flex on 3401.
Are you sure is not yet supported?
Hi. This may be of help to you.

In R31802A we activated the option 6 for the process tab to 1, so the system is generating journals summarized by work center and also we set option 4 to 2 on this process tab, that makes to use dmaai 3401. Now we set up flexible accounting to use the work center in the route for labor, machine, etc and for 3401 aai we drive the variations using a category code of the ítem branch, this category code is set up for a Business Unit that represents a grouping of work centers so as a summary, we set up the journals that are for the IC by the category code that represents the cost center group, the journals for the labor and machine that came for the routing by cost center, and the variations that are made at work order level again by the cost center group assigned as a category code to the item master.