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Metadata kernel chaning to Security kernel midstream


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I had a strange event over the weekend. My JDE install (9.1/Tools went south over the weekend. The metadata kernel seemed to have failed.

The Metadata kernel JDE.log shows the 'normal' messages, Type, init, etc, then all of a sudden 10 hours later it appears to turn into a Security kernel (INITIALIZING SECURITY SERVER KERNEL).

I have attached the log.

Once I killed the Metadata/security kernel and a new Metadata kernel spawned all was well again.

Has anyone seen type type of behavior before?

I also noted that our weekly backup started for the IFS at 4:30am when this occurred.




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I have actually seen this, it's the IFS backup process causing some sort of lock over the log directory. I'm guessing your log directory may have been a bit larger than normal, causing the whole thing to go nuts. I would either make sure to clear the logs more regularly from the IFS or skip the log folder completely (which I could never convince anyone to do...so I just blew away jobs out there in the log folder older than X days.)


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I will check on this, I 'thought' we had excluded the logs from the backups, however I found out that our managed service provider only changed my daily backups, not the weekly and monthly backups.

Thank you for the info.