Menu Item Duplication after package deployed to Workstation


I downloaded and applied ESU 44553041 to CRP to correct a problem with A/P
Pay Status. I ran the spec merge, built and deployed a full CRP package to
E/S and Workstation. When I logged into OneWorld (CRP) on the workstation I
noticed that some menu options were duplicated. I searched the KG and found
ESU 3579610 pertaining to a problem with Spec Merges on B7332. I downloaded
and applied that ESU 3579610 then repeated the whole package deal. Still get
duplicate menu options. I looked in F0082 to see if I had duplicate menu
master records but to no avail. Any ideas on what might be causing this ?

Derek Aitken
E/S: AS/400 V4R3 D/S: SQL7.0 JDE: B7332 SP11.3


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Can you check your F0082 table is mapped to ES or work station. If you are using replication then check your table in your local work station and try to point that table OCM mappings to Server for testing purpose and then test it.


JDE CNC Consultant