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I am looking for a little help with Menu filtering and security.
How can I restrick users/groups from seeing menus not related to their particular job. I was lead to believe that OW would filter the unwanted menus (of one larger menu for all) dependent upon their user ID!! or security.
One suggestion (thanks Colin) was to use Row security........If I user row security on the menu table "F0082" and restrick the "MenuIdentification" data I get a partial solution......the original menu lines are replaced with the top level of menu tree options (ie, FOUNDATION;FINANCIALS;DISTRIBUTION etc).....not bad but,I would prefer the menu option to be blank. Do I need to secure another menu table??...or is there another way?

Sorry just for info we are using Oneworld XE SP15


Our solution has been to create separate menus for groups of users and set this menu as their start up menu in their user profile.
We have also restricted the Fast path field and thus users can only access programs from the menus that are displayed and cannot exit this menu system.
It does take a bit of setting up.

Xe SP14.2 Oracle 8.1.6 Sun

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It all depends on why you want Menu Security. If it is to simplify processes for the user, then bringing them into their specific menu is a good solution. If it is to keep users from using certain programs, then Menu Security isn't enough. The users can get to many programs through the Exit Bar. The way we have applied security at our company is to lock everyone out of all programs and then allow access on a needed basis. This isn't an easy solution, but it works and it is the only way to insure that users are only in the programs you want them in. You do this through using *PUBLIC *ALL. The programs they don't have access to will not show up on the Menus. If you would like more information please feel free to email me.

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Hi David,

You should be able to achieve this using Roles. I have deployed a mix of
Role based security, normal application security and locked the users in an
initial Task view. This has allowed me to restrict what menus or tasks that
users see.

You need to be carefull how you structure your menus/tasks but it certainly
can be achieved using Roles.

You can use user profiles to assign specific menu to a user. In our company
we have different menus for different departments. For eg if I give access
of only finance menu(G04) to user A, (through application P0092) he will
only see this menu selection and not other menu selections of G. You can
disable the fast path to prevent user from accessing other menus. You can
then use row security in F0082 to furthur restrict menu selections of G04.
Another method could be to create new menus for different user groups
through menu design and then use User profile application as shown above.
I hope this helps
One World B733.1

See post from Laurie Nelson at Wagstaff. We have taken the same approach.
Works fine.

Dave Mallory Denver Water.

Just a bit addition.
If you use OneWorld Explorer then you can consider to secure P95012 Menu Word Search application too. It is an other way to acces other menus like Fast Path.


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