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Does anyone know about multiple roles and menu filtering in 9.1? I really don't want to have to create multiple sets of functional roles to direct users to different menu sets.

Scenario: I have 3 main menus, A, B, C. I have 2 users with multiple roles. User1 has SOCLERK and MENUA role. User2 has SOCLERK and MENUB role.

I want to use the MENUx roles to identify which main menu they can access while utilizing the SOCLERK as a functional role across the board. I use menu filtering and disable MENUA role access to menus B and C. And I use menu filtering to disable MENUB role access to menus A and C.

When User1 logs in, they still see menus A, B, C. I guess this means that since there is no menu filtering on SOCLERK, it basically gives the menu access back to the user.

I've looked at Solution Explorer security, but that doesn't seem to apply to this situation. Any other ideas would be very welcome.


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What you are seeing is expected behavior. Menu filtering is open by default , so if no records exist for a role in F9006 , then that role will be able to see all menus.

Since you clearly have two types of roles in your system - Security Roles and Menu Roles , what you can do is set the menu filtering to NO for all menus for all your security roles .

Setup the desired Menu filtering on your Menu Filtering roles.

Now assign the security roles and the menu filtering role to the user , and they will see only the Menus allowed by the Menu Filtering role , but still follow the run , action and other securities defined at the security role.

Now obviously this approach will result in a larger number of roles in your system and also be a little cumbersome to maintain.

And not to forget role sequencing , so make sure that all your Menu roles have a higher sequence than your Security roles in order for this model to work.

Alternatively you can use a product like AllOut that can address this in a much cleaner way.
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